September 2011 :
A day with Fabienne Larouche to visit the recording studios of "30 vies"


2011 :
Part of the profits will be given to the foundation. Come get ready for fall with our advices and to drink a good glass of wine. Price and sample will be given away.


Alexa was a little girl happy and healthy 14-month learning to walk, talk and enjoy life.

On October 10, Sunday evening, Alexa walked towards his bed. It was the last time we saw the market for four months.

The next morning, she could not walk or sit. His eyes wandered uncontrollably and she vomited.

We took him to the "Lubbock Women's and Children's Hospital" for treatment. After five days she was diagnosed as suffering from a viral infection that would heal in a few weeks.

As the weeks passed, the state of Alexa continued to deteriorate. His eyes fluttered rapidly, his body trembled and she had fits of uncontrollable rage. She slept very little.


Finally after many prayers, the great aunt of Alexa, Molly, she contacted a friend. Dr. Don Gilbert, "Cincinnati Children's Hospital." Don suggested three possible diagnostic and advised us to bring Alexa immediately.

The 800 kilometers of roads were so exhausting Alexa seemed terrified in his car seat. Just a few hours after we arrived, Alexa was diagnosed with WHO, as Dr. Gilbert thought.

Treatment began immediately with mixed results. Alexa then began to walk, she relapsed 2 times and it was not expected progress.

Doctors at the hospital referred the matter then Prantzantelli Dr Springfield, Illinois. His treatment was much more aggressive and Alexa began to walk a few weeks. She also began to rise, talking and running within months.

A year later, Alexa has made phenomenal progress, but it still has a long way to go. She is still receiving injections of ACTH from time to time, transfusions every month to abortion and many other treatments.

She is confined at home and should avoid contact with people to reduce the risk of damage to the immune system.

We see progress every day. It has been seen several times on local television, she appeared in the magazine "IG Living!" And has also been seen in an episode of "Mystery Diagnosis" called "The Toddler Who Stopped Walking" on "Discovery Health Channel ".