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Vol. 43 #08 - 12-18 february 2005

She found her daughter to audition for Star Academy 2005

Pascale Wilhelmy talks about the auditions for Star Academy

For the young mother of 22, Marie-Eve Lanthier, February 2 is a memorable day. Since that day, her little daughter three years out del'hôpital, after almost a year of hospitalization.

Laurie-Ann had an infection in the cerebellum and the treatment has caused a lot of side effects. It paralyzed her and she had Jambres have a transplant in the column and stay in bed for six months with a metal ring around the head, said Marie-Eve, we are pleased to announce that its small is a true miracle. As of today, it does not take more medicine!

Some will ask what did the young woman auditions for a reality show instead of rushing to the hospital. Well for her to apply for Star Academy in 2005 is a kind of renewal, a sign that this year will be better especially since Laurie-Ann enjoyed watching Star Academy her hospital bed.

2004 was a bad year. I was in school full time when Laurie-Ann got sick, I was alone to take care of it and I ran between the school and the hospital. In 2005, my daughter goes, I have my degree in Administrative Assistant, a new job and a new boyfriend. I feel it's going to be a good année.On him would also very strong.