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2011 :
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What is a opsoclonus myoclonus?

OPSO-myoclonus syndrome (irregular movements of eyes and muscles) is a rare syndrome (1 in 10 million per year), a neurological, immunological mechanisms probably though still incompletely understood. It affects both the adult and the child usually has a major impact on psychomotor functions. The two main causes are viral infections and tumors (neuroblastoma) located outside the central nervous system.

Treatment consists of corticosteroids and / or immunosuppressants. From the perspective of ophthalmology, it should be differentiated from other abnormal eye movements. In summary, the immune system is faulty, it sends the wrong signal to the cerebellum, which controls the other in balance and coordination. The child in crisis, he began to tremble in the arms, legs, head. There is also the eyes that go on all sides (Dancing Eyes) and there is a huge loss of balance.

Several treatments may be available to treat this disease including:

- Corticoid;
- Chemotherapy;
- Marrow transplantation;
- Anti-CD20;
- Plasmapheresis;
- Gamaglobuline;
- Immunosuppressant-.

Some facts:

- 50% of cases are associated with neuroblastoma
- The average person affected is around 18 months
- It affects mostly girls