September 2011 :
A day with Fabienne Larouche to visit the recording studios of "30 vies"


2011 :
Part of the profits will be given to the foundation. Come get ready for fall with our advices and to drink a good glass of wine. Price and sample will be given away.


It all started in July 2009, at times his eyes were shaking. I went to see the pediatrician as it did not do all the time, he told me it was tension in the eye and there was nothing to worry about.

Beginning in August 2009, Martin's eyes were shaking more, he stiffened and fell. We were too worried. I went to the pediatric emergency department.

Initially, they were not sure what it was. They made urinalysis, blood tests. They decided to keep Martin.

The next day they pushed the exams. Scanners, MRI, scintigraphy and the verdict is. Martin had a thoracic neuroblastoma.


He had surgery in August 2009. He did not have chemotherapy. Until July 2010 he took steroids in high doses. He began to walk normally and his eyes have stopped dancing after the first treatment.

To date, Martin has no further treatment. It is followed by a pediatrician, a psychologist, an oncologist and a neurologist.

He returned to small section of kindergarten. Martin was born October 25, 2007.

He has a big speech delay, says a few words. To listen to the doctors, it will come. When it is not evolution, it's hard mentally. It feels to be alone to help our wolves p'tits.