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Number 47, September 2005

The true nature of Marie-Eve Lanthier

About taken by Judith Poirier-Bourdon

In his office downtown, Marie-Eve Lanthier accepted with enthusiasm and generosity to share a little of its history and that of his daughter Laurie-Ann. She spoke lovingly of her daughter three and a half years and found a dynamic and determined young woman, with uncommon energy.

After the birth of Laurie-Ann in 2002, Marie-Eve quickly left alone with her. She lived the first year without a hitch and its development was well underway. At the age of 10 months, Laurie-Ann fact its infancy. However, three weeks after his first birthday, disturbing symptoms occur. First, loss of balance, as Marie-Eve attributes to learning to walk and difficulty sleeping, recurrent crying, tremors and convulsions. The diagnosis is to be installed along the little suffers from a rare infection called the cerebellum Opsoclonus myoclonus. In 50% of cases, this infection is caused by a tumor and the other 50% is of viral origin, as is the case of Laurie-Ann. Then the first episode of a long series of hospitalizations for Laurie-Ann.

The treatment for this infection is cortisone. Unfortunately, while allowing to absorb the infection, this drug is accompanied by a range of side effects with Laurie-Ann is feeling the effects. Both of these effects are weakening of the immune system and bone.

Indeed, Marie-Eve remark later changes in the behavior of her daughter. She said she became depressed. Laurie-Ann does not eat for three days, while the cortisone has the effect of increasing appetite. Worried, Marie-Eve went to the hospital where she learns that her daughter not only develops a pneumococcus but two vertebrae, weakened, were crushed one over the other and the legs of her daughter are now paralyze after that.

There then follows a difficult choice for Marie-Eve, that of Laurie-Ann to undergo surgery so that he is a transplant of the coast instead of the vertebrae. This is an important and risky, but can allow his daughter to walk again if successful. Laurie-Ann is therefore subject to the operation, she is recovering in the hospital six months without being able to stand or sit. Recovery, slowed due to cortisone treatment, is marked by infections, including the C. difficult.

Unfortunately, the transplant is not successful as hoped and Laurie-Ann to be reoperated. Such as infections in the cerebellum appear resorbed, treatment with cortisone is stopped and his recovery is this time much faster. Last May, the infection resurfaced. This time, a new drug is chosen to avoid the inconvenience of cortisone and Laurie-Ann létat improves in the summer. The day we met, Laurie-Ann began to return to her care, to his great pleasure because she loves the company of other children and is now very sociable.

Over time, Laurie-Ann has indeed demonstrated its jovial character and courage. 'She laughs all the time! The baby is spoiled everybody, everybody loves, nurses, staff, everyone makes him preferential treatment and the spoils.

The energy of the girl is certainly not foreign to the mother who through it all, managed to return to school, to complete a medical secretarial training and work full time as an assistant in a firm Brokerage! Marie-Eve says that even including staying so busy pursuing its objectives and it manages to balance family life with her and support her daughter. It draws on the work with energy. Especially that the opportunity to work for an employer understanding of its reality. Obviously the relaxation is as important! Marie-Eve is very grateful for the support it can benefit people around her who are involved and the organizations that the épaulent as Solidarity. In difficult times, it will seek the resources at its disposal and can count on his positivism and his strength of character: It gives me nothing to feel sorry when Laurie-Ann goes, I go, and when it does not go I adapt and move on through.

Before leaving, we look at the pictures Marie-Eve was made of his daughter. In their eyes they have the same energy, the same determination and the same joie de vivre.