September 2011 :
A day with Fabienne Larouche to visit the recording studios of "30 vies"


2011 :
Part of the profits will be given to the foundation. Come get ready for fall with our advices and to drink a good glass of wine. Price and sample will be given away.


What do you have the right?
Faced with this unknown disease and rare, it may make you feel deprived and alone in the world with a big question mark that is: Is there any resources? Who can help me?

Here is some information, links and services you may be liable to the law.

Child Disability Benefit: (Québec) (Canada)

Thumbnail SAAQ for disabled (Québec)

If your child is unable to walk 400 meters on flat ground, it is unable to mount a step 35 cm high with support, or to go without support, it is in inability to complete an entire shift in regular public transit, he is unable to move in time or space, it is unable to communicate verbal or gestural, this inability to be associated with another significant disability or is unable to control situations or behaviors that could compromise their own safety or that of others, it may be eligible for transportation adapted. (Quebec)

Nursing home:
You can ask your pediatrician to have a CLSC nurse for home care and blood sampling. (Quebec)

Possibility of a private special education teacher provided by the CSDM and affiliated with the school Victor Doré. (Quebec)

CLSC (Quebec)

  • Social Worker of the family support component.
  • Can give you the right to access the program DIMOS (source of income that gives you the right to receive an amount per year to pay a babysitter or activity for your child)
  • Be entitled to a housekeeper to help you.
  • Can pay now and then a grocer, or school fees.

Regular School

  • Have the right to a companion to school for your child (Quebec)
  • A laptop for those with tremors and help at school (Quebec)
Gateway School - Schedule of Victor Doré (Hopital Sainte-Justine)
This school allows for a maximum of 8 children to a kindergarten class 4 and 5 years who have mild problems behind the engine. This school used to optimize the autonomy of students to enable them to be in a regular school. This school attendants understand the beneficiary, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, psychologist, speech therapist on site. (Québec)

Day Camp
You have the right to request an accompanist for your child. However it must be done initially because the number of entries is limited. (Quebec)

Domestic Help
600 Euros from the family allowance fund to pay for home care on a monthly basis (France)