September 2011 :
A day with Fabienne Larouche to visit the recording studios of "30 vies"


2011 :
Part of the profits will be given to the foundation. Come get ready for fall with our advices and to drink a good glass of wine. Price and sample will be given away.


Thibaut was born February 28, 2008. Pregnancy and childbirth dream wonderful. It was a beautiful baby 3k660! He was not crying for food, otherwise it exuded serenity and we parents for the first time were met.

Thibaut was developing in a harmonious way, baby smile, baby clown was our ray of sunshine.

Then, in January 2009, just weeks before his 11 months, a few symptoms: falls to four feet, no longer held up even with support, vomiting, eyes that were walking in all directions. The symptoms came and went. But our child was not as good mood, had less appetite. The doctors first thought of a cérébellite telling us that it would pass as it came. a brain MRI showed nothing abnormal, EEG idem.



We then left alone with my husband and our little boy who did nothing but decline, we do not recognize him. he was crying all the time, no longer wanted to stay lover against me all day. The nights were hard. Thibaut then manifested behavioral problems: he deliberately bumped his head against the bed, against the floor, against walls. I thought he was bewitched. I was so scared, I was faced with a little being who suffered, who was changing, which could not sleep, eating little, who had episodes of unexplained fever, which did more sitting and doctors ... who would not answer my calls. It was in my head. I stopped working one month, I kept my child close to me, and I started searching the Internet. I type into Google, one by one each of the symptoms of Thibaut. I went to You tube ... and one day in May I had the revelation. I knew I had found my mother's heart was pounding. WHO and neuroblastoma. Nothing would have stopped. I begged my husband to trust me and the next day, Saturday morning, we took the road is 300km to go to a major hospital and present Thibaut. We stayed five weeks. Thoracic neuroblastoma + WHO ..

Operation of the tumor + early bolus of steroids (dexamethasone, 3jrs/mois for 1 year).

3 months after the first bolus of corticosteroids Thibaut shows no improvement in his WHO worst regressions. The doctors then add = Endoxan chemotherapy. After 3-4 months, still no results, Thibaut not going well. We urge to move on but it must first complete the chemotherapy regimen. February 2010, Thibaut is finally beginning a course of Rituximab.

June 2010 = end of corticosteroids at the end of the European protocol .. Thibaut took his first steps June 12, 2010, he was 27 months and many delays.

August 2010 = Thibaut declines, it will not, he cries a lot, always wants to give up. The team does not know what to do. We will then in another center, see the French specialist of this disease. We have to wait a bit, but Thibaut is often very poorly with heavy falls on the head (it is full of scars and has already broken two teeth).

At the same time as Thibaut has no immune system, he received a bolus of immunoglobulin every 3-4 weeks in order to maintain some defenses.

In October Thibaut is ataxic, the specialist decides to remake the Rituximab.

Thibaut then shows a marked improvement, progress, runs, jumps, discusses in his own way. The delay is hard to catch but Thibaut is happy, all smiles.

March 2011: Thibaut catches a bad cold and then shows a relapse

He has no treatment for his WHO since October. It's tough. The next appointment with the specialist is scheduled for the month of May ... we must also be patient.